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Silkenfest 2006

Siendo Farmstead - Greensboro, NC
Judged by: Anita Squires, Falconcrest Borzoi

Judge's Critique:

I consider it an honor to have been invited to judge your 2006 Silkenfest. I found it highly education al to have the opportunity to examine such a select group of lovely puppies and adults. I want to congratulate all of the exhibitors on their sportsmanship. All of you seemed gracious about your wins and losses. I had a wonderful time, thank you again for giving me the opportunity. My Winners Dog/Best of Winners came from the American-bred class. He stood out with his athleticism and ground covering stride. I later found out that he is a racing champion. While he may not have been the fanciest dog in the ring, his athletic virtues and soundness gave him the nod. My Winners Bitch also came from the American-bred class. She caught my eye with her smooth sound gait covering alot of ground , she never let me down. Beautiful expression. Best of Opposite Sex was very feminine without sacrificing substance. Beautiful bone and type. Best of Breed had smooth, relaxed and effortless gait. Held his shape on the move. He had wonderful proportions that fit the standard, along with proper flat muscle, and he was pretty. Strengths in the breed: Good rears, excellent condition ( no couch potatoes), good bites ( only one had a missing tooth), sweet and friendly temperaments. Weakness in the breed: Fronts ( too much mincing). Too many variations in head styles. Proportions: several entries were low on leg. Your standard asks for a square dog (ideally).

~ Anita Squires


Best in Specialty Show
ISWS Rarities IABCA CH Gryffyn's Just Push Play

Best Opposite Sex in Specialty
Lagniappe Allons Danser

Best of Winners / Winners Dog
Kristull Jaromir

Winners Bitch
Allagante Shaningo Windspirit

Winners Bitch - Shaningo

Best Puppy in Show
Kohana's Pardon My Dust

Best Bred-By in Show
Kristull Milagra

Best Companion in Show
Kristull Echo

Dog Classes


Puppy Dog 3-6 Months

  1. SpringLane's Magical Prancer
  2. SpringLane Flying Comet Avila
3-6 Month Dog - Prancer

Puppy Dog 6-9 Months

  1. Windspirit Devereaux
  2. Windspirit Dulcimer
  3. Kristull X-Libris G-A
6-9 Month Dog - Devereaux

Puppy Dog 12-18 Months

  1. Kohana's Pardon My Dust
  2. Renaissance Rhapsody Monk
  3. Gryffyn's Ready to Fly

Companion Dog

  1. Kristull Echo
  2. Kristull Mandrake
  3. Cool Run Asher
  4. Renaissance Arctic Storm
Companion Dog - Echo

Novice Dog

  1. Kohana's Color Me Gone
Novice Dog - Boots

Bred By Exhibitor Dog

  1. Lagniappe Bouree
  2. Cool Run Enchanted Snowdust
  3. Lagniappe Coffee & Chicory
  4. Windspirit Austen

American Bred Dog

  1. Kristull Jaromir
  2. Kristull Yashi
  3. Cool Run Hound Luke O'Royal R

Open Dog

  1. Kristull Umber
  2. SpringLane SilverStreak O'RR
  3. Lagniappe 'TiCayene Cool Run
  4. Kristull Absolutely Cool Run
Open Dog - Umber
Winner's Dog
Kristull Jaromir
Reserve Winner's Dog
Lagniappe Bouree

Bitch Classes


Puppy Bitch 3-6 Months

  1. SpringLane's Kristull Cupid
  2. SpringLane's Flying Vixen
  3. Windspirit Belle Geste Aquilo
  4. Windspirit Serena's Song Kohana

Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months

  1. Kristull Yasu Magic
  2. Windspirit Desiree
6-9 Month Bitch - Yasu

Puppy Bitch 9-12 Months

  1. Tangaloor Fudge Behavin' Badly
9-12 Month Bitch - Mocha

Puppy Bitch 12-18 Months

  1. Seiran Ayame Windspirit
  2. Kristull Twyla
  3. Kristull Temptress
  4. Kristull Via Keenua
12-18 Month Bitch - Hillevi

Companion Bitch

  1. Kohana Windbreaker at Blair
  2. Cool Run Perugina Tartufo
Companion Bitch

Novice Bitch

  1. Kristull Unique SilkNQuick
  2. Windspirit Chenoa
Novice Bitch - Neeka

Bred By Exhibitor Bitch

  1. Kristull Milagra
  2. Gryffyn's Under the Milky Way

American Bred Bitch

  1. Allagante Shaningo Windspirit
  2. Kristull Arcadia by Tangaloor
  3. Royal R Jada by Cool Run
  4. Kristull Aitanga
American-Bred Bitch - Shaningo

Open Bitch

  1. Kristull Lonesome Dove
  2. Kristull Riata Heartsong
Open Bitch - Dovey
Winners Bitch
Allagante Shaningo Windspirit
American-Bred Bitch - Shaningo
Reserve Winner's Bitch
Kristull Arcadia by Tangaloor