Silken Windhound Champions

Silken Windhounds participate in a variety of show events.


Rarities, Inc. is an organization providing opportunities for Rare Breeds, as well as AKC/UKC breeds to show in conformation classes around the United States.

Silken Windhound Rarities Champions

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The International All-Breed Canine Association offers a show experience similar to FCI shows with written critiques from the judges and a rating number system. Currently, IABCA shows do not count towards ISWS championship points, but do provide an opportunity for Silken owners to exhibit and promote their dogs to the public, as well as a friendly show experience.

Silken Windhound IABCA Champions

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ISWS Champions

To obtain an ISWS Championship, a dog/bitch requires 15 points. Of these 15 points, the dog/bitch must have attained two majors of at least three points under two different judges. One of those majors must come from an approved and sanctioned ISWS Silken Show (i.e.: Silkenfest or a Regional Specialty Show). The rest of the points may come from some other recognized show forum, such as the Rarities or NCA Dog Shows.

ISWS Champions

ISWS Racing Champions (SRC)

In 2006, the ISWS instituted a racing program modeled upon the very successful Large Gazehound Racing Association program for breeds other than Whippets, and which ISWS hopes that Silken Windhounds will eventually become eligible to race with. Since that time, many LGRA clubs also offer an ISWS race meet in conjunction with their LGRA meets. Thanks to their generosity, the ISWS racing program, and its number of racing champions, have been on a steady increase. The ISWS has also offered a national race meet as part of its national specialty (Silkenfest) since 2006.

ISWS Silken Racing Champions