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2016 Committee Members

  • National Show Chairs: Tara Maxey
  • Show Secretary: Iola Stetson
  • National Performance Events Chair: Victor Whitlock
  • Hotel and Site Contact: Tara Maxey
  • National Fundraising and Auction Chair: J Vookles
  • Silent Auction: Jan and Trisha Decker
  • Hospitality Chair: Vicki Frey
  • Welcoming Committee: Vicki Frey and Monica Moline
  • Trophies: Lydia Jorgenson
  • Rosettes and Medallions: Jerilynn Adin Safran
  • National Website Chair: R. Lynn Shell
  • National Ribbons, Judges' Gifts Chair:
  • Logo Wearables: Jolene Hicks

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SilkenFest 2016

SilkenFest 2016 was held March 18-21, 2016 at South Fork Ranch in Parker, TX (just outside of Dallas).

Breed Judge: Gill Grist, Endevor Silken Windhounds

Sweepstakes Judge: Karen Arends

ASFA Judges: Jack Downing and Karen Arends

Event chairman is Tara Maxey


SilkenFest 2016 Texas Tough Triathlon

Parker. TX

This year SilkenFest 2016 has a very special event; the Texas Tough Triathlon. Like UKC’s Total Dog Program, the 18 hounds competing for this award will showcase their skills in the field as well as being evaluated structurally. Enjoy watching their speed, agility, and endurance in addition to their beauty.

Certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the LGRA race meet to the highest ranked hounds who competed in the Conformation match, Lure coursing (ASFA), and Race meet (LGRA).

To be eligible for awards, hounds must complete all three events without dismissal or disqualification. Hounds scratched from any event, for any reason, are ineligible for Triathlon awards.

Conformation: For the conformation match, Triathlon entrants will compete in a separate class from the Specialty. Males and females competing together, and will be ranked from top to bottom.

Racing: Each hound competing is ranked by its order of finish in the final results relative to other Triathlon competitors.

Lure Coursing: Each hound competing in the ASFA trial is ranked by total score (total of prelim + final), relative to other Triathlon competitors, regardless of stake. For example:

triathlon example

Triathlon: Each entrant’s ranks from the three events will be summed. The hound with the LOWEST score will win the 2016 Texas Tough Triathlon. For example, a perfect score, earned by the highest ranked dog in each event, would be a 3.

triathlon placements